Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today My friend Christina came and took the kids to Vacation Bible School. Christina and her Husband James have been a such a blessing to John and I over the last few months. The Lord put them in our lives at a time when we need some encouragment and they did just that. They encouraged us and pointed us to Jesus. What a blessing they have been to our family. God is so good!
Well, since the kiddos were gone to VBS we were able to get so much done and the bonus, was that the kids got to go have some fun and learn about Jesus while they were gone. During that time John was able to paint the hallway trim, doors and touch up paint in Madi's room while I packed our upstairs bathroom and my closet. It doesn't sound like much but believe me those were huge jobs! After the kids came home there was still so much left to be done and paint that still needed to dry...ahhh! As soon as the kids walked in the door we were panicking about the freshly painted trim, telling them don't touch this or that...poor kiddos! Thankfully soon after they were dropped off my Friend Misti called and reminded me that we were invited to her house for a pool party. I totally forgot....drrr. I didn't even realize it was Tuesday, I thought it was Monday and even if I had realized it was Tue. I would not have remembered the pool party because my brain seems to be mush these days. Anyway John told me to go ahead and go. It gave him time to finish painting. I am glad we went because it gave the kids a chance to say goodbye to some of their home school Buddies. That was hard. Goodbyes are never fun. I don't think I will ever forget the hug and look that little Ella (my Friend Sara's daughter) gave me today before I left. I think Ella & Taylor where the only kids that really understood that this was a final goodbye. I'm really glad that it wasn't a drawn out goodbye (for the kids sake). I didn't want to cry in front of the kids so I kinda made it a quick goodbye with my girlfriends. I figure I might see them one more time...at least that what I told myself. It's weird knowing I may never see them again here on earth (But we will be together in Heaven!). They have been such a huge part of my life for the last year (some of them - two years). I will miss them so much! Oh and Misti...well...we decided where not going to say goodbye cause we won't miss each other anyways. Right Misti? Ha! Besides Misti is still praying we are going to stay. OK, I better head to bed. Night!
Oh and there is no pictures because I took my camera with no memory card in it. I told you my brain was mush these days. Although, my friends are probably laughing right now cause the know I am always forgetful... no matter what is going on.

Prayer requests:
* John finds a good job asap
* Our car - Our car is in the shop right now
* Our home goes on the Market on Friday - Pray that we can get everything done & packed before then. Also for it to sell quickly
* Please continue to pray for Johns health and the air quality in Fresno.
* for packing day (Friday Aug. 1st and Sat. Aug. 2nd)
* for moving day (Aug. 4th)
* Pray that I can trust the Lord with all of this.

Praise reports:
* Christina is taking the kids to VBS all week long and the kids are loving it!
* Our Friends Butch & Donna let us barrow their car while our car is in the shop. As soon as they knew we were without a car they brought over their car. That was an answer to prayer because John needed a car for work.
* We are done painting!!!!!!!!!!!

Gods word is true! "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

The Lord is faithful and worthy to be praised!

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