Saturday, July 26, 2008

Goodbye Mr. Catepiller's

The other day Trenton's Buddy Elijah came over and told Trenton that he had to go out of town. Somehow during this goodbye Trenton ended up with Elijah's little Caterpillar. I still don't know if Trenton was Caterpillar sitting or if it was a gift, but Trenton became attached real quick. He asked me to make a home for his new friend. After searching my almost empty house I finally found a glad ware bowl with a lid. Of coarse I cut little slits in it so the the little thing could breath. I also had Trenton get some leaves for this little guy to eat. It all seemed to be working out great..until the next morning. When we went to check on our little Friend... he was dead. The bowl had all kinds of moisture in it and the leaves where all dried out... so was Mr. Caterpillar. When Trenton realized what was going on he lost it! Poor thing. He cried so hard. There was no consoling him. He kept saying Elijah was going to be so sad. It was heart breaking. I didn't think losing a Caterpillar would be so tough on such a little guy, but it was. John told Trenton we could have a funeral for his pet if that would make him feel better. He said he thought it would. Jacob made a fork cross for the funeral and out we went to lay to rest our little buddy Johnathan (That is what Trenton decided to name him). Trenton still cried a few more times after that, but Johnathan became a distant memory as soon as Trenton found a new Caterpillar friend. He named this one John-Luke. This time we used a glass jar for his home. It seemed to work cause he lived through one night. The next day John and I persuaded Trenton to let his little buddy go. We told him that he looked sad. We figured Trenton wouldn't cry as hard if he just let him go instead of the other option...another funeral. Trenton was a great sport about it and we took John-Luke to a happy place in our back yard. Trenton said he was glad he let him go cause he was kinda pokie anyway. He seemed to be ok with saying goodbye to his new friend. What a relief.


Nina49a said...

Awwww! I can so identify with you, little buddy. I too have lost many dear friends, creepy, crawly, fuzzy and slimey...R.I.P. Jonathan.

sarajeancooksey said...

I'm sure Jonathan is up in heaven crawling away on golden streets!

Mighty Warrior said...

Are you sure it was dried up and not just in a chrysalis?
They do that before they turn into a butterfly.

But, if you could see its little legs then it was just regular ol' dead. Poor little guy.