Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pizza Pizza!

Last night we took a break from painting and packing and we made a make shift pizzeria in our new kitchen.
The Lord showed me last night that even when life gets crazy (really really crazy!) He wants us to learn to stop and have some fun!


sarajeancooksey said...

mmmmm!!! looks yummy

Nina49a said...

Thata Girl!! Have some fun with your keeps you sane!

Christina said...


I have never been a blogger but I have enjoyed reading yours so much I just signed up so I could comment to you. It is so great to see God constantly teaching you new things. You have such a teachable heart. Please don't leave back to Cali without us getting together. Maybe a super family badmitton tournament (we just got these huge rackets and birdie. It is really fun. Anyway talk to you soon.