Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Baby is playing football

Our Son Jacob has always wanted to play football and I have always been against it...until this year. This year our new homeschool group we joined has offered flag football. Of coarse John was all for it and he finally talked me into letting Jacob play. Today was his first day and he had a blast, but boy was he sore after the game. They played for 2 hours. It was great exercises. I was glad he had fun.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight Watchers

This week I got my first star (you get one every time you loose 5 lbs) at Weight watchers. I have lost -5.4 lbs. I was so thrilled to have lost this week. I didn't loss the week before and that really bummed me out. Thankfully I didn't give up (cause that isn't even an option) and I still went back (Thank you Sara for the encouragement). It has been very hard for me since we have had so many party's to go to. Sept - Dec. seems to be the hardest time (eating wise) since a lot of our family has a Sept. or Oct. birthday. Now that we are home we get to enjoy all these birthday parties and all the goodies...Oh My! It's been great but it is so hard to keep my hand out of the chip bowl...Yikes! It's even harder to have a hubby who works for Kraft/Nabisco. A lot of cookies cross our path.
We (as a family) have been trying to make time to walk around the park by my Moms house but that seems to be a challenge since we are always so busy. John and I are both going to try to exercise more and get into shape. I want my family to be healthy and that means making better choices. With the holidays fast approaching I want to be able to learn to make better choices and actually loose during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I kinda look forward to the challenge...Bring it on!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Shout Outs!!!

Happy Birthday Nina!
Happy Birthday Al!
Happy Birthday Ezekiel!
We love you all very much!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disguised Blessings

Tonight we went to Johns parents house to have dinner and watch the Bulldogs play. Unfortunately the Bulldogs weren't on the channel we thought they were going to be on so we had to listen to it on the radio. That was a bummer at first, but we soon realized it was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it nice to be around family when there is nothing planned and the TV isn't blaring (that is how it is when the Bulldogs are playing :) Johns family is a huge Bulldog family so all the guys get really into the games. It's funny just to watch them get all crazy about the game. I'm sure there will be many more game nights in our future. The guys handled the disappointment of the game not being on TV tonight very well, I was very impressed. Anywho, our Family and Johns Parents took a walk to the school up the street and watched the kids play on the Jungle Jim and we set and talked with the Folks. It was very relaxing. Then after that we (Me, Jacob, Mama Rose and Johns Bro. Kenny) went out back and played a game of scrabble. The weather was absolutely beautiful tonight!
Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I got to give my Niece Catlin a bath and watched her play with the water. I got such a kick watching her splash in the tub. She was having a blast. I am so glad the Lord called us back home so we can see spend more time with our families. What a great night! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House update!

Yesterday we accepted an offer on our house -
We are so exited! God is so faithful!

Beach Bums!

Last Thursday we took a well needed trip to the Beach! We had such a great time. We went to three different Beach's and enjoyed every single one of them. The kids found a lot of shells & rocks that they plan to make crafts with them this year. We also found time to go to a Museum near Morrow rock where the kids learned about birds. It was educational & to love that!

We found a dead seal on the beach and Jacob wanted to take the skull home for science....yuck! That is where I draw the line! No dead animals cam back with us...thankfully!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cousins Time!

This week my Sister Nina and her Girls (Nevaeh & Charlotte) came up and visited us. They stayed with my Parents, so my family stayed in my Aunts RV- it was kinda like a mini vacation for the kids. My kids loved every Minuit with their Cousins. Neveah, Madi & Trenton spent most of their time together playing like Dogs (It's a Nevaeh thing), riding scouters, putting on shows...dancing and singing shows (that's a Madi thing), watching cartoons, and reading books.
Aunt Sara got in on the dancing & Singing Gig. What a good Auntie.

Jacob spent most of his time following Char Char, trying everything he could to make her laugh and win her affection.

Jacob also enjoyed playing Guitar Hero with his Aunt Nina. I think my Sisters are fighting for the greatest Aunt Award this year. J/K
I had a great time taking a tun of pictures of my Nieces. They are so cute!

Char wasn't too sure about us at first but she warmed up to us right before they left...of coarse.
Nevaeh seemed to enjoy most of her time here, but I think her cousins wiped her out.
It was very hard to say goodbye today, but we look forward to the next time we get to be together again. I hope that is sooner than latter. I already miss them greatly.