Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Sine I was a little girl I loved Photography. Mainly because my older cousin Stephen P. loved it, and I loved anything he loved. But over the years my love grew into my own. If you know me, then you know how much I love to take pictures...of anyone, or anything. I have often been called the Paparazzi. Here is a few pictures I have taken this year for special occasions, or just because. 


~Family pictures for a special event~
                                                               ~Just cause I love them~


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Been awhile

    Wow, I lost my blogging info and then just forgot about blogging all together. But tody I found it and now I am back. So much has happened since I last posted in March when I got to visit my Sister and her family. They have now moved to Boston and Al (Nina's Hubby) launched "Reality Boston". Please remember them in your prayers. http://www.realityboston.com/
 The girls have now been with us for almost 3 years. We bought a new house this past year, and the kids started Public school. No more homeschooling. It's been a full 3 years of changes. All for the good in my opinion  Challenging, but good. 

     Jake and Madi are now taller than me (I know - GASP!) Trenton is still anxiously awaiting for that day, but is really not that close yet. The kids LOVE school. Caitlin started KG this year and loves it. She loves Sunday night cause the next day is school. The other kids are like that some times too. Autumn still stays home with me. She takes speech classes at the kids School. She keeps me on my toes every min. of the day.
    Johns still the Pastor at Refuge Sanger, and works full time. He is a pretty busy guy, but always makes time for his family. His health (meaning his lungs) have been great. He has had a few colds here and there and kidney stones (OUCH!). But other than that he is healthy. Praise God!
   I'm still a full time stay at home mom. Kate & Autumn have a lot of health issues so we travel to Fresno 1-3 times a week for OT, PT, & many other Dr. appointments through Valley Children's Hospital.That alone seems to be a full time job. I dabbled in Pampered Chef this year and really hoped to make that work, but with the girls hectic Dr. appointments, Johns work schedule, the kids school schedule (including sports), court for the girls, and life with a family of 7, it just seemed to much. I was going to start back up this month, but it just didn't work out. Guess it wasn't meant to be right now. I was very sad about this. I really enjoyed doing it.
   Well, that is all for now. I hope to keep this up more often. I really enjoy blogging. Kinda therapeutic. Bye for now!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nieces are so much fun!

This is one of those days I wish never had to end. I love these girls so much!
My Niece Char is a hoot! So full of life.
Phe is adorable and so sweet.
Aya is so silly & has quite an imagination. This is her dancing with the broom. Love it!
I just love her to pieces! She has the cutest voice & laugh ever.
They play so well together. Sister love!
3 weeks ago today, I jumped on a train (alone!) and went to see my Sister and her girls. My Mom was also there visiting. My Sisters hubby Al will be starting Reality Boston....Did ya catch that?...I said Boston! Sigh* Why is Boston so stinken far?
I know God has a plan to prosper and not to harm, so I rest in that ;-) and I rejoice in all that HE has planned for my Sister and her family. Please pray for http://realityboston.com,
My Sister Nina is an amazing Mother. I am so proud of her. She may be my little sister, but I look up to her as a woman of God, a wife and a mother. I am so glad she is my little sister, my friend, and my sister in the Lord.
They had fun at the beach. This Auntie loved watching them play.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Precious Moments

One night I grabbed my camera and captured this amazing moment between Autumn and Daddy. These pictures are priceless to me, and I know one day they will be priceless to Autumn. My kids are so blessed to have such an amazing Dad.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rainy day = Art Time!

Yaya & Granpa sent Katie Bug art stuff for her birthday. So on this beautiful rainy day we were not board at all. Art time was so much fun! Thank you Yaya & Granpa!!

Baseball verses Jacob....

...The Baseball Won!

Jacobs 1st day ever at baseball practice. His coach hits the first ball of the season, and it takes Jacob out. It was a ground ball that hit a pocket of dirt, then slugged Jake in the eye. Yikes! His coach felt so bad.

1st Pic. is Jake in the ER. Praise God he was okay.

2nd pic is Jake the next day. I am really proud of how he has handled this whole situation. And yes he is still playing baseball. Oh Lord, please protect him!

Monday, March 12, 2012


*She is such a sweety *Everyone she meets is an instant friend. *She is quick to forgive.

*She asks all of us every morning "How did you sleep?". *If you look sad she will make sure you are okay. *She loves to learn. *She loves Preschool and Sunday School. *She loves to play with her toy kitchen. *She loves to talk about food. *Her favorite food is Macaroni and eggs.

*When she talks she often uses her hands (just like she was in this picture). *She memorises songs quickly. *She loves to sing. *She can be very soft spoken, but if she gets excited she can be really loud. *She loves girly girl clothes and shoes. *She LOVES Barney. *She loves to play dress up.

*She is excited to be #5! *She loves her brothers and sisters. *She loves when Daddy plays air plane with her. *She loves when mommy reads to her. *She is very protective of her little Sister *She is a great big sister! *When she walks she looks like Mowgli from the Jungle book (It's so cute!) *Her nicknames are - Katie Bug, Sissy, Mowgli, and Kate. *her favorite colors are red and green (at least today they are).

Happy Birthday week Katie Bug! We Love you!