Monday, March 12, 2012


*She is such a sweety *Everyone she meets is an instant friend. *She is quick to forgive.

*She asks all of us every morning "How did you sleep?". *If you look sad she will make sure you are okay. *She loves to learn. *She loves Preschool and Sunday School. *She loves to play with her toy kitchen. *She loves to talk about food. *Her favorite food is Macaroni and eggs.

*When she talks she often uses her hands (just like she was in this picture). *She memorises songs quickly. *She loves to sing. *She can be very soft spoken, but if she gets excited she can be really loud. *She loves girly girl clothes and shoes. *She LOVES Barney. *She loves to play dress up.

*She is excited to be #5! *She loves her brothers and sisters. *She loves when Daddy plays air plane with her. *She loves when mommy reads to her. *She is very protective of her little Sister *She is a great big sister! *When she walks she looks like Mowgli from the Jungle book (It's so cute!) *Her nicknames are - Katie Bug, Sissy, Mowgli, and Kate. *her favorite colors are red and green (at least today they are).

Happy Birthday week Katie Bug! We Love you!

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sarajeancooksey said...

Oh I love that little blonde beauty! She always has a sparkle in her eyes, makes this auntie's day! Happy birthday sweet Kate!