Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Sale
This is our house. They will post pictures of the inside next week.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye Cape Girardeau, Mo

Today we headed to Down Town Cape Girardeau (probably the last time). We did some window shopping and then headed down to the Mighty Mississippi. The water is still really high, but thankfully the gates were open. We were able to walk right up to the water. It's kinda freaky, but amazing at the same time.

We had a really nice to time walking in down town Cape. It is such a neat little town. We will miss it greatly. While we were there we went to John's favorite antique store. He likes to go and shop for old books (he is a book nut!). While he was looking at books with Jacob, I took Madi to her favorite part of the store...the clothes and hat part. She always asks me to try some on and for some reason I always so no. This time I knew this may be her last chance, so why not? Trenton hesitantly joined in the fun, but had stipulations....we had to find him a boy hat. We had a good time. I am glad I said yes this time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

see Johns blog about his job

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus"

(Philippians 4:19)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The house

All the paper work is done and the for sale sign goes up 1st thing Monday morning!

Goodbye Mr. Catepiller's

The other day Trenton's Buddy Elijah came over and told Trenton that he had to go out of town. Somehow during this goodbye Trenton ended up with Elijah's little Caterpillar. I still don't know if Trenton was Caterpillar sitting or if it was a gift, but Trenton became attached real quick. He asked me to make a home for his new friend. After searching my almost empty house I finally found a glad ware bowl with a lid. Of coarse I cut little slits in it so the the little thing could breath. I also had Trenton get some leaves for this little guy to eat. It all seemed to be working out great..until the next morning. When we went to check on our little Friend... he was dead. The bowl had all kinds of moisture in it and the leaves where all dried out... so was Mr. Caterpillar. When Trenton realized what was going on he lost it! Poor thing. He cried so hard. There was no consoling him. He kept saying Elijah was going to be so sad. It was heart breaking. I didn't think losing a Caterpillar would be so tough on such a little guy, but it was. John told Trenton we could have a funeral for his pet if that would make him feel better. He said he thought it would. Jacob made a fork cross for the funeral and out we went to lay to rest our little buddy Johnathan (That is what Trenton decided to name him). Trenton still cried a few more times after that, but Johnathan became a distant memory as soon as Trenton found a new Caterpillar friend. He named this one John-Luke. This time we used a glass jar for his home. It seemed to work cause he lived through one night. The next day John and I persuaded Trenton to let his little buddy go. We told him that he looked sad. We figured Trenton wouldn't cry as hard if he just let him go instead of the other option...another funeral. Trenton was a great sport about it and we took John-Luke to a happy place in our back yard. Trenton said he was glad he let him go cause he was kinda pokie anyway. He seemed to be ok with saying goodbye to his new friend. What a relief.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

progress pictures!

Today I threw away about 10 bags of garbage!! I went down stairs and just started chucking anything on the ground. I also donated 5 boxes to the Safe house and gave away a tun of stuff on Free cycle. It felt so good to get rid of all that junk! But the best part of the day was having a spontaneous lunch date with my Hubby.
*Before and after pictures of my craft room
*Pictures of all the garbage I threw away today
*and last but not least is a goofy picture of John "maddoging" that's mad-dog-ing. It's a Fresno thing. Notice that he is in our freshly painted office.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today My friend Christina came and took the kids to Vacation Bible School. Christina and her Husband James have been a such a blessing to John and I over the last few months. The Lord put them in our lives at a time when we need some encouragment and they did just that. They encouraged us and pointed us to Jesus. What a blessing they have been to our family. God is so good!
Well, since the kiddos were gone to VBS we were able to get so much done and the bonus, was that the kids got to go have some fun and learn about Jesus while they were gone. During that time John was able to paint the hallway trim, doors and touch up paint in Madi's room while I packed our upstairs bathroom and my closet. It doesn't sound like much but believe me those were huge jobs! After the kids came home there was still so much left to be done and paint that still needed to dry...ahhh! As soon as the kids walked in the door we were panicking about the freshly painted trim, telling them don't touch this or that...poor kiddos! Thankfully soon after they were dropped off my Friend Misti called and reminded me that we were invited to her house for a pool party. I totally forgot....drrr. I didn't even realize it was Tuesday, I thought it was Monday and even if I had realized it was Tue. I would not have remembered the pool party because my brain seems to be mush these days. Anyway John told me to go ahead and go. It gave him time to finish painting. I am glad we went because it gave the kids a chance to say goodbye to some of their home school Buddies. That was hard. Goodbyes are never fun. I don't think I will ever forget the hug and look that little Ella (my Friend Sara's daughter) gave me today before I left. I think Ella & Taylor where the only kids that really understood that this was a final goodbye. I'm really glad that it wasn't a drawn out goodbye (for the kids sake). I didn't want to cry in front of the kids so I kinda made it a quick goodbye with my girlfriends. I figure I might see them one more least that what I told myself. It's weird knowing I may never see them again here on earth (But we will be together in Heaven!). They have been such a huge part of my life for the last year (some of them - two years). I will miss them so much! Oh and Misti...well...we decided where not going to say goodbye cause we won't miss each other anyways. Right Misti? Ha! Besides Misti is still praying we are going to stay. OK, I better head to bed. Night!
Oh and there is no pictures because I took my camera with no memory card in it. I told you my brain was mush these days. Although, my friends are probably laughing right now cause the know I am always forgetful... no matter what is going on.

Prayer requests:
* John finds a good job asap
* Our car - Our car is in the shop right now
* Our home goes on the Market on Friday - Pray that we can get everything done & packed before then. Also for it to sell quickly
* Please continue to pray for Johns health and the air quality in Fresno.
* for packing day (Friday Aug. 1st and Sat. Aug. 2nd)
* for moving day (Aug. 4th)
* Pray that I can trust the Lord with all of this.

Praise reports:
* Christina is taking the kids to VBS all week long and the kids are loving it!
* Our Friends Butch & Donna let us barrow their car while our car is in the shop. As soon as they knew we were without a car they brought over their car. That was an answer to prayer because John needed a car for work.
* We are done painting!!!!!!!!!!!

Gods word is true! "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19).

The Lord is faithful and worthy to be praised!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pizza Pizza!

Last night we took a break from painting and packing and we made a make shift pizzeria in our new kitchen.
The Lord showed me last night that even when life gets crazy (really really crazy!) He wants us to learn to stop and have some fun!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Junk, Junk & More Junk

I was just down stairs all morning trying to sort through my junk...yes...JUNK! I realize that I have become my Grandma (God Bless her!). My Grandma keeps everything "Just in Case". She says she may need it someday. I have always thought that was insane but have come to find that I am just like her....AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I have found that I brought stuff with me from Cali. (that I just couldn't live with out) and never used it. Why!? For some reason I just can't throw stuff away. I am trying real hard to throw at least half the stuff left away or donate it. So far I am doing OK. I have donated two BIG boxes, thrown away to BIG garbage bags full and packed about 10 small boxes. OK, so that isn't half, but it's a step in the right direction, right? This is taking FOREVER!! I can't wait for the packing to end. I will soon post some pictures of my progress, just to make me feel better ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homeschool Moms Gone Wild!!

After Sushi those of us that could went over to hang out at Barnes and Nobles (cause that is where crazy Home school Moms hang out, right?) Only to find out that they were closed. As we sat in the Mall parking lot we decided we were already out (without kids!) so why head in so early. Only problem is - we live in Cape Girardeau, where everything closes down at 10:00 pm. So Misti tells the girls (Krista & Sara) to jump in cause we were goin crusen. Of coarse they laughed but they jumped in without asking any questions.... Now what!? Well, we headed down to the River. There we found a bunch of young kids hanging out, so what does crazy Misti do?....she rolls down the window and blares some music (Cause we are cool like that). What does she blare you ask? Vacation Bible School Songs! Oh yeah! I wish I could see the look on these kids faces as 4 moms in a HUGE van roll by with kids worship music blaring and all of us moms dancing. As we roll by Krista yells something like - Ya and we even have our kids in bed! Oh my Dude, we laughed so hard. The rest of the night we cruised around and talked about all kinds of interesting things. We even went to Illinois, just cause we could. After that we headed back to drop of Krista and Sara, but the night just didn't want to end, so we cruised the empty mall and played Chinese fire drill? I think that is what they called it. It's where we all got out at every stop sign (mind you it was in an empty mall parking lot) and change seats - even the driver seat. Oh My Dude that was crazy fun! That night is going down in the books. Who ever said Home school Moms are boring?


Last night some of my Friends here in SEMO (Misti, Krista, Elizabeth, Sara M., and Dawn) took me out as a good bye dealio. They all knew I had never been out for sushi so they took me to Shoguns - A Japanese restaurant. I ordered California Rolls (crab & avocado Sushi) and the veggie plate. Misti ordered a bunch of different sushi so I got to try all diffrent kinds. I will post a picture of Misti's tab so you can see all the different kinds of sushi we tried (Thanks Misti!). The spicy tuna was my favorite. I found out it was raw after I already ate it. I told the girls I was willing to sample any sushi as long as it was cooked, of coarse they tricked me...stinkers. I am glad I tried all of it but I am even more glad that I'm not sick from eating raw fishy stuff (who knows I could have ended up looking like a blow fish....wait I did! Hahahahahha!). Krista took a picture of me eating sushi and then she started laughing so hard. She said something like...Girl you are gonna want to delete this picture! When I asked her why, she said I looked like a blow fish when I took the bite of sushi. We laughed so hard. I will post that picture just cause it's funny! Conclusion....I liked the sushi but I don't think it will ever be on my favorites list. Thanks Girls for a great night! Y'all are amazing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 wheel time!

My friend Donna & her Hubby Butch had us over for a home cooked country meal. Donna said I couldn't leave the mid west without one. Oh My Dude can Donna cook. She served home made mashed potatoes, Roast, corn, green beans and this amazing Velveeta squash that was to die for, Oh and Sweet Tea. It was all soooo good! After we ate we went out and rode their family 4 wheelers (they each have their own). We had a blast! I think that will be night none of us will ever forget. We will miss these dear friends so much, they have been so good to us these last few months.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


My Parents where just here all last week. When they 1st arrived we sat and talked about the move. At that point the move seemed impossible. So many unknowns, so many costs and no money. As we talked my Mom shared about Moses being lead to the Red Sea & how they thought ~Why would God send us (His people) to a place where we are now trapped? But we all know the story - God parted the red sea for them. Thy were looking at their surrounding circumstances and not how big their God was. What a neat reminder. As my mom shared that scripture John and I laughed cause John and I had just talked the night before about the fact that we serve God who parted the red sea and spoke the stars into existence, so why do we worry? If He is calling us home to Cali. then He will provide the means to get there. Anywho, after a long week of cleaning, painting, a dead end search for a car & and one massive yard sale we were still left with only Gas money to get us back. That was a step in the right direction, but still a little unsettling as days seemed to pass us with the quickness. But through it all we reminded each other to Stand and See. Stand and See what God was going to do. We did see Gods hand through out the week providing for ways to love on people, people loving on us, multiplying the yard sale money, and other neat things but I still couldn't get pass the fact that there was still only gas money at this point and my parents were leaving. But I kept going to the Lord and asking him for peace in all of this. He is so faithful! Anywho, this morning I woke up and didn't feel well at all and thought ....Lord, I have so much to do, why are you allowing me to waste this day away in bed? Not long after that someone came to my door and knocked. It was a man wanting to buy our truck (I just put a sign on the truck the day before). He wanted to test drive it. I pooped out of bed and got dressed in a flash and handed him the keys. One hour later he bought the truck. Did I mention that the truck covers the price of the moving truck we need to rent to get home + will cover a bill we owe....STAND & SEE!! It doesn't stop there, after he leaves a woman comes over and wants to buy the last piece of furniture we have. There was a miscommunication between John and I and he sold it to her for way more than I was asking for it...STAND & SEE!! They day wasn't wasted but He just wanted me out of the picture so I can see Him work :) I am so excited to see what God is going to do next. What an awesome God we serve. He may take us to places that seem impossible but it's just to show us how big He is. He is like a Daddy showing off for his kids ;) Wait He is! I love it when he does that! I love Him! Thanks for all your prayers. I pray today you will stand and see the goodness of our God.
Praise reports:
*Our truck sold in 2 days!!!
*The last piece of furniture sold for more than I was asking for it.
* God is giving me a peace and excitement for things that lye ahead
Prayer requests:
*God will provide the money to fix our car or that it will be something small that needs fixed
*John as he travels to Il. & back for work today
*My Parents as they travel back home tomorrow
*Our house will sell fast
*Wisdom for John as he makes last min. decisions on our moving plans
* Sara (Johns Sister) and her preganacy/baby

Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Bee!

ok, so my life is insane!!! So what's new... right? As most of you know my family is moving from Mo. to Cali in about three weeks. In the mean time we are packing, painting & cleaning to get our house ready to sell. Today I packed a few boxes (ok one :), taped the hallway and some of boys room, I painted all the trim and doors in my boys room (2 coats on the windows and doors), I cooked two meals + I made spinach smoothies for a snack for everyone in the family...yummy!! (thanks Ma!), I ordered 54 pictures from, I talked to my Sister Nina, and I responded to about 5 emails that were long over due and now I am updating my blog. What a day! Oh did I mention my son spilled a whole Gal. of white paint on our brand new kitchen floor......ahhhhhh!!! That is me going insane...Wana join me? Needless to say, I stay pretty busy these days. Soon this will all be over. Cali. liven is right around the corner, but I don't have time to be excited about it right now, I have to much to do!!!!!! Right now I am just living day to day, room to room, chore to chore, meal to meal, packing box to packing box..... I think you get my drift. Anywho, even though my life is insane I still see the goodness of God and His grace in it all. God is so good to stop and remind me that each day has it's blessings. My Sister so lovingly reminded me today that I need to stay in the word to see with His perspective. It's so easy to get too busy. To busy for God, to busy to play with my kids, to busy to hug my hubby and tell him how much he means to me, and so on. I don't mean to do that, but I do it so often. Oh Lord help me. Well, I hope to keep y'all update with the progress of this house & our moving plans. Please keep us in your prayers as we once again take an adventure in Faith.
Prayer requests:
* Johns health
* The Valley air to clear up soon (for every ones sake)
* The sale of our home
* Johns truck to sell soon
* A job for John
* The kids as they transition again
* wisdom (for John) in moving details
* Our car - wisdom for the mechanic
* For my Parents (Jane & Howard) as they travel back home
* For my Sister in-law Sara's pregnancy
* For my Aunt Di (My uncle, her Hubby just passed away and it's going to be her 1st B-day without him)
Praise reports:
* My Parents came and helped us get so many thing accomplished
* My Sister in-law Sara is pregnant
* Almost everything at our garage sale sold