Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye Cape Girardeau, Mo

Today we headed to Down Town Cape Girardeau (probably the last time). We did some window shopping and then headed down to the Mighty Mississippi. The water is still really high, but thankfully the gates were open. We were able to walk right up to the water. It's kinda freaky, but amazing at the same time.

We had a really nice to time walking in down town Cape. It is such a neat little town. We will miss it greatly. While we were there we went to John's favorite antique store. He likes to go and shop for old books (he is a book nut!). While he was looking at books with Jacob, I took Madi to her favorite part of the store...the clothes and hat part. She always asks me to try some on and for some reason I always so no. This time I knew this may be her last chance, so why not? Trenton hesitantly joined in the fun, but had stipulations....we had to find him a boy hat. We had a good time. I am glad I said yes this time.


Mighty Warrior said...

That is so cool. Man, I wish I could try on some hats too.

sarajeancooksey said...

the red one! the red one!!!! I LOVE it. it matches my new coat... no seriously I have a new red fur coat. It's beautiful.

I think Madi looks adorable in those hats. I love her fashion diva poses. and Trenton looked very manly and handsome ;)

Nina49a said...

So Glad you said 'yes'