Friday, April 29, 2011

From 5 to 7

One year ago I got a call saying Johns Niece Catlin was going to the hospital. The girls were then taken by CPS and were soon going to be placed into Foster Care. John and I both wanted the girls to come & stay with us. John and I were so thankful to God that we had just moved into a house big enough to squeeze them in. Things were tight (in all ways) but we saw God work in miraculous ways. As time went on John and I both knew this was bigger then we thought, this was more permanent than we thought. But that was ok, because we serve a BIG GOD! It was awesome to see God work in all of our hearts, the girls quickly became a part of our family. They already were by blood, but He made it deeper than that. Only God could do what he did with our family. He knitted our hearts together in a way only He could. I saw my 3 oldest kids become big brothers and big Sister to the girls. And John and I feel so blessed to be able to raise these two beautiful girls. Sure, there is trails and tears, but the joy and love I get from being their mommy make it all worth it. So now Our family is the # of completion ~ The Lanier family of 7!

All Glory goes to God, who has done far greater things than we could ever hoped for or imagined. He is so faithful! Thank you Jesus!

Thank you to everyone who has:

Supported us through this journey

Prayed with us & for us

Taken care of many of the needs we had for the girls

Taken care of the girls when we have court stuff or Dr. stuff

Providing Day Care 2x's a week - Letty you are amazing!

Babysat 5 kids for dirt cheap - Thanks Meagy!

and the list could go on. Each of you that have helped us in any way have been a major blessing to us. Than you for the bottom of our hearts.

Can't wait to see what God has instore for this next year.