Saturday, July 12, 2008


My Parents where just here all last week. When they 1st arrived we sat and talked about the move. At that point the move seemed impossible. So many unknowns, so many costs and no money. As we talked my Mom shared about Moses being lead to the Red Sea & how they thought ~Why would God send us (His people) to a place where we are now trapped? But we all know the story - God parted the red sea for them. Thy were looking at their surrounding circumstances and not how big their God was. What a neat reminder. As my mom shared that scripture John and I laughed cause John and I had just talked the night before about the fact that we serve God who parted the red sea and spoke the stars into existence, so why do we worry? If He is calling us home to Cali. then He will provide the means to get there. Anywho, after a long week of cleaning, painting, a dead end search for a car & and one massive yard sale we were still left with only Gas money to get us back. That was a step in the right direction, but still a little unsettling as days seemed to pass us with the quickness. But through it all we reminded each other to Stand and See. Stand and See what God was going to do. We did see Gods hand through out the week providing for ways to love on people, people loving on us, multiplying the yard sale money, and other neat things but I still couldn't get pass the fact that there was still only gas money at this point and my parents were leaving. But I kept going to the Lord and asking him for peace in all of this. He is so faithful! Anywho, this morning I woke up and didn't feel well at all and thought ....Lord, I have so much to do, why are you allowing me to waste this day away in bed? Not long after that someone came to my door and knocked. It was a man wanting to buy our truck (I just put a sign on the truck the day before). He wanted to test drive it. I pooped out of bed and got dressed in a flash and handed him the keys. One hour later he bought the truck. Did I mention that the truck covers the price of the moving truck we need to rent to get home + will cover a bill we owe....STAND & SEE!! It doesn't stop there, after he leaves a woman comes over and wants to buy the last piece of furniture we have. There was a miscommunication between John and I and he sold it to her for way more than I was asking for it...STAND & SEE!! They day wasn't wasted but He just wanted me out of the picture so I can see Him work :) I am so excited to see what God is going to do next. What an awesome God we serve. He may take us to places that seem impossible but it's just to show us how big He is. He is like a Daddy showing off for his kids ;) Wait He is! I love it when he does that! I love Him! Thanks for all your prayers. I pray today you will stand and see the goodness of our God.
Praise reports:
*Our truck sold in 2 days!!!
*The last piece of furniture sold for more than I was asking for it.
* God is giving me a peace and excitement for things that lye ahead
Prayer requests:
*God will provide the money to fix our car or that it will be something small that needs fixed
*John as he travels to Il. & back for work today
*My Parents as they travel back home tomorrow
*Our house will sell fast
*Wisdom for John as he makes last min. decisions on our moving plans
* Sara (Johns Sister) and her preganacy/baby


sarajeancooksey said...

cant wait to see you guys!

michi said...

I am so glad that everything is working for you all. Even though it takes time, it will all work out because that is the way the Lord works. We both know that. When you all get back to Fresno, I will make a special trip to see you.