Thursday, July 17, 2008


Last night some of my Friends here in SEMO (Misti, Krista, Elizabeth, Sara M., and Dawn) took me out as a good bye dealio. They all knew I had never been out for sushi so they took me to Shoguns - A Japanese restaurant. I ordered California Rolls (crab & avocado Sushi) and the veggie plate. Misti ordered a bunch of different sushi so I got to try all diffrent kinds. I will post a picture of Misti's tab so you can see all the different kinds of sushi we tried (Thanks Misti!). The spicy tuna was my favorite. I found out it was raw after I already ate it. I told the girls I was willing to sample any sushi as long as it was cooked, of coarse they tricked me...stinkers. I am glad I tried all of it but I am even more glad that I'm not sick from eating raw fishy stuff (who knows I could have ended up looking like a blow fish....wait I did! Hahahahahha!). Krista took a picture of me eating sushi and then she started laughing so hard. She said something like...Girl you are gonna want to delete this picture! When I asked her why, she said I looked like a blow fish when I took the bite of sushi. We laughed so hard. I will post that picture just cause it's funny! Conclusion....I liked the sushi but I don't think it will ever be on my favorites list. Thanks Girls for a great night! Y'all are amazing!


Brandel said...

the night didn't end here. There is more blogging to be done. I just don't have time right now. So check back in tomorrow ;)

Nina49a said...

Congratulations on broadening your horizons! I'm not much for sushi either. As an appitizer maybe, but do they really expect you to get full off that!