Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Bee!

ok, so my life is insane!!! So what's new... right? As most of you know my family is moving from Mo. to Cali in about three weeks. In the mean time we are packing, painting & cleaning to get our house ready to sell. Today I packed a few boxes (ok one :), taped the hallway and some of boys room, I painted all the trim and doors in my boys room (2 coats on the windows and doors), I cooked two meals + I made spinach smoothies for a snack for everyone in the family...yummy!! (thanks Ma!), I ordered 54 pictures from, I talked to my Sister Nina, and I responded to about 5 emails that were long over due and now I am updating my blog. What a day! Oh did I mention my son spilled a whole Gal. of white paint on our brand new kitchen floor......ahhhhhh!!! That is me going insane...Wana join me? Needless to say, I stay pretty busy these days. Soon this will all be over. Cali. liven is right around the corner, but I don't have time to be excited about it right now, I have to much to do!!!!!! Right now I am just living day to day, room to room, chore to chore, meal to meal, packing box to packing box..... I think you get my drift. Anywho, even though my life is insane I still see the goodness of God and His grace in it all. God is so good to stop and remind me that each day has it's blessings. My Sister so lovingly reminded me today that I need to stay in the word to see with His perspective. It's so easy to get too busy. To busy for God, to busy to play with my kids, to busy to hug my hubby and tell him how much he means to me, and so on. I don't mean to do that, but I do it so often. Oh Lord help me. Well, I hope to keep y'all update with the progress of this house & our moving plans. Please keep us in your prayers as we once again take an adventure in Faith.
Prayer requests:
* Johns health
* The Valley air to clear up soon (for every ones sake)
* The sale of our home
* Johns truck to sell soon
* A job for John
* The kids as they transition again
* wisdom (for John) in moving details
* Our car - wisdom for the mechanic
* For my Parents (Jane & Howard) as they travel back home
* For my Sister in-law Sara's pregnancy
* For my Aunt Di (My uncle, her Hubby just passed away and it's going to be her 1st B-day without him)
Praise reports:
* My Parents came and helped us get so many thing accomplished
* My Sister in-law Sara is pregnant
* Almost everything at our garage sale sold

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Nina49a said...

Ok so just to clarify for the sake of my BFF-sister. John's sister Sara is prego! Back in Cali Y'all is forbidden! And thanks for toning down the pinkness. Love ya