Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disguised Blessings

Tonight we went to Johns parents house to have dinner and watch the Bulldogs play. Unfortunately the Bulldogs weren't on the channel we thought they were going to be on so we had to listen to it on the radio. That was a bummer at first, but we soon realized it was a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it nice to be around family when there is nothing planned and the TV isn't blaring (that is how it is when the Bulldogs are playing :) Johns family is a huge Bulldog family so all the guys get really into the games. It's funny just to watch them get all crazy about the game. I'm sure there will be many more game nights in our future. The guys handled the disappointment of the game not being on TV tonight very well, I was very impressed. Anywho, our Family and Johns Parents took a walk to the school up the street and watched the kids play on the Jungle Jim and we set and talked with the Folks. It was very relaxing. Then after that we (Me, Jacob, Mama Rose and Johns Bro. Kenny) went out back and played a game of scrabble. The weather was absolutely beautiful tonight!
Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I got to give my Niece Catlin a bath and watched her play with the water. I got such a kick watching her splash in the tub. She was having a blast. I am so glad the Lord called us back home so we can see spend more time with our families. What a great night! Thank you Jesus!


sarajeancooksey said...

Question: so who is Jungle Jim?

LOL, I'm sorry I couldn't resist. I know spelling isn't your strongest point. and Jungle Jim was pretty funny. :) Jim spelled like that is someones name, I believe you were looking for Jungle Gym.

please don't hate me :) and feel free to make fun of my lack of cooking skills anytime. cause we both know you way rock at that. speaking of that, why haven't you made calzones since you have been back? mmmm. those are yummy!!!

Brandel said...

I knew when I wrote it that it looked wrong, but for the life of me I couldn't think of any other way to spell it :) You should have been with me that night trying to play scrabble. At one point I was helping Jacob with a word and when he put the word down Rose lovingingly told us that was not how to spell that word (I can't remeber what word) Anyway, I looked at Jake and said... yes and I am your teacher...hahahahaha! We all laughed.