Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cousins Time!

This week my Sister Nina and her Girls (Nevaeh & Charlotte) came up and visited us. They stayed with my Parents, so my family stayed in my Aunts RV- it was kinda like a mini vacation for the kids. My kids loved every Minuit with their Cousins. Neveah, Madi & Trenton spent most of their time together playing like Dogs (It's a Nevaeh thing), riding scouters, putting on shows...dancing and singing shows (that's a Madi thing), watching cartoons, and reading books.
Aunt Sara got in on the dancing & Singing Gig. What a good Auntie.

Jacob spent most of his time following Char Char, trying everything he could to make her laugh and win her affection.

Jacob also enjoyed playing Guitar Hero with his Aunt Nina. I think my Sisters are fighting for the greatest Aunt Award this year. J/K
I had a great time taking a tun of pictures of my Nieces. They are so cute!

Char wasn't too sure about us at first but she warmed up to us right before they left...of coarse.
Nevaeh seemed to enjoy most of her time here, but I think her cousins wiped her out.
It was very hard to say goodbye today, but we look forward to the next time we get to be together again. I hope that is sooner than latter. I already miss them greatly.

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sarajeancooksey said...

I LOVE when they come, but I HATE when they leave. I guess you cant have one without the other though. So I will have to take them both. I loved every minute I got to see them.

and btw, Madi and I were performing scenes from High School Musical (which is now banned), not just singing.

I think somehow she inherited some of my genes, figure that one out science guys!

and as far as Best Aunt Award goes, if I had the choice I would choose Aunt Nina - she is way cooler. but don't tell the kids that, I may still have a chance.