Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nighty Night....Tea Time w/ Mrs. Bear

It all started when Dave took this first picture of John sleeping. Since that didn't wake him up Angela had the idea to run get her crown and then Dave put Emmy's sippy cup in his hand. John never budged. We were all laughing so hard and yet he slept on. He is going to love to wake up in the morning and see these pictures...Oh My!

This is why should never be the 1st one to fall asleep at David & Angela's. Sorry Babe they made me do it :)


Nina49a said...

Oh my Gosh Bran! That is so funny. Poor John. Now your going to have to watch your back for his revenge!

sarajeancooksey said...

the rose is a nice touch. :)

apples2apples said...

Wow!! Did you slip NyQuil into his sippy cup?!?!?!? He is out cold!!