Friday, August 1, 2008

Saying Goodbye

What a day. It was very very very humid which made packing the trailer almost unbareable. John has not been feeling well so that made it even harder. But we are getting it done and hope to be done tomorrow.

Today we had a lot of visitors. It was great to see some of our friends before we head out, but it was also hard. Goodbyes or See ya laters are never easy.

Today Trenton said good bye to his buddy Elijah. Elijah's Mama Tammy (his Grandma) lives next door to us. She watches him M-F so Trenton gets to play with him a lot. Lately these boys have been glued at the hip. I know Trenton will miss his little Buddy very much and visa versa.

Today was also Jacobs last day to play with his buddy Nick. Nick lives behind us. Nick is the boy with brown hair. The other boy is Anthony, he also lives behind us also (next to Nick). The boys are standing in our very hot moving truck.
Yesterday my Friend Elizabeth and her sons came over to say goodbye. That was supper hard. Elizabeth was the kids States Teacher this year and they just love her to pieces. She has been such a blessing in our lives.
We will miss all our friends very much.

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Nina49a said...

Seeing these pics made my heart sink....and I teared up. Dont post any of Madi and Makenzie please!...jusy kidding, I can handle it.