Friday, August 22, 2008

Update on Trenton

It's been over a week, almost two since Trenton's seizure. So far we have been blessed that he hasn't had another since that day. We are now all starting to get a full night sleep. For awhile we would all check on him through out the night. Now it's only if we hear a sound (like the neighbors chicken making all kinds of crazy noises). Anyway, things are getting back to normal for Trenton. Well...kinda...
Tue. night at church he told his teacher he has seizures and that he was having one right now. His poor teacher didn't know what to think. After talking with him we realized that he thought his headaches were seizures, maybe it feels similar.... I don' t know. He was having headaches everyday for awhile, but he didn't complained of any yesterday or today...thankfully. We were told that he would have headaches for awhile so I am not to freaked out about it. I still wished I had more answers, but for now I am just trusting the Lord for wisdom and guidance in Trenton's medical issues. Please pray that I will find a great Dr. for him and his siblings.
Pictures below are of the day Trenton had his seizure. After 6 hours or so he was back to his spunky little self. That day we had friends and family surrounding us with their love and support. It's good to be home.

When Trenton was in the hospital my mom took my kids to our friends house to get there minds off of the situation. While they were there Jacob and his buddy Joby made Trenton brownies and put a tractor on it. Later that day Joby brought them over. The brownies were very yummy and it made Trenton smile.

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Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that he's doing good and that he hasn't had another. Let me know if you need help with finding a doctor...I could ask around at work. I know a couple of doctors I get recommendations from.