Friday, September 26, 2008

Weight Watchers

This week I got my first star (you get one every time you loose 5 lbs) at Weight watchers. I have lost -5.4 lbs. I was so thrilled to have lost this week. I didn't loss the week before and that really bummed me out. Thankfully I didn't give up (cause that isn't even an option) and I still went back (Thank you Sara for the encouragement). It has been very hard for me since we have had so many party's to go to. Sept - Dec. seems to be the hardest time (eating wise) since a lot of our family has a Sept. or Oct. birthday. Now that we are home we get to enjoy all these birthday parties and all the goodies...Oh My! It's been great but it is so hard to keep my hand out of the chip bowl...Yikes! It's even harder to have a hubby who works for Kraft/Nabisco. A lot of cookies cross our path.
We (as a family) have been trying to make time to walk around the park by my Moms house but that seems to be a challenge since we are always so busy. John and I are both going to try to exercise more and get into shape. I want my family to be healthy and that means making better choices. With the holidays fast approaching I want to be able to learn to make better choices and actually loose during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I kinda look forward to the challenge...Bring it on!


sarajeancooksey said...

I am SO proud of you! one way to look at this upcoming season of your life is to realize that it's going to take place no matter what. you can either try to make some good choices through it or say "Oh I can't do this now", and regret not having even tried once it's over. there will always be holidays and parties and high point food around, so if we wait until those issues are gone, we'll be dead! so here's to you my sister and fellow weight watcher (what did I just admit in cyber land that I go to WW?, oh well). we can do this together. we may not come out the other side of this season looking like pencils, but we WILL have made some progress, and we for sure WILL have make good choices that we wouldn't have made had we given up. ok I think I have convinced myself, I'll shut it now. love you!

apples2apples said...

Congratulations!!! I have troble with the chip bowl too!! You & I are gonna have to be anti-chip bowl buddies!! lol !! Keep up the good work & remember God will help you through this.