Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Baby Girl is 9..... lets party!!!!!!
Watch out for this group!

The park sprinklers came on so some of the kids got to run and play in the water. They had a blast while getting soaking wet. Good times!

This is My Cousin Lisa and her daughter Savanah (whom Madi adores).

Uncle David & Auntie Angela

Goffy Girls!

Brothers (not by an earthly birth) - John & David

Aren't they cute?

Madi and her Friend Baily

Cass, Uncle Jason, Aunti Sara & Great Aunti Di - to Madi
Daddy praying for his baby girl.

Yes, that would be a hot pink ipod. Wait....I don't even have one of those! What's up with that?
*More pictures to come!

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Nina49a said...

Come on Dave!! How am I gonna top a pink ipod! I guess I gotta get her a macbook now... geesh.