Monday, May 18, 2009

For Nina - Part 2/ Our Parents Fav. Mugs

A few blogs ago, I posted a picture of my fav. mug. I also explained about my Sisters challenge she posted on her blog. That blog it got me and Mom talking about the famous mug Nina STOLE! from our dear sweet Mother. Anyway, it made me think... our parents should have a post about their fav. mug too. Since they don't have a blog (well, our Mom has one but she doesn't remember how to get on I figured I would help them out and do one for them. So here it goes - Mom has 4 favorites (well 5 if you count the 1 Nina STOLE! Hehe!). Mom doesn't like them for who gave them to her, or what they symbolize. She likes these four because of the lip on the mug... Yes the lip.

She even holds on to this cracked one... cause it has a good lip. I don't think I have ever held a mug to my mouth and said - wow this mug has a great lip. But hey what ever floats her boat!

Now on To Dad/Howard. He has two favorites. On his left hand he holds his favorite Monday-Friday mug. On his right hand he holds his favorite weekend mug. He likes his weekly mug because...well, look at it - It rocks (Scripture + Fishing + Coffee = priceless mug!) He likes his Saturday mug because it is bigger. He drinks more coffee on the weekends. So there you have it. Don't you feel your life is more complete now? I do!

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