Monday, December 8, 2008

Saying goodbye to Grandpa Rodney

Grandpa Rodney came to town to say goodbye before he moved to Virgina. It was a short visit because he had to hit the wide open road set before him. Before he left we had the privilege of going out to eat with him and some of our family (Grandpa Bobby - aka Pop, Aunt Darilyn, Cousin Christina, Uncle Ron, My Sister Nina and her Girls Nevaeh & Char Char). As we said our goodbyes Grandpa handed out some special gifts to the kids. He got each little one a recorder (it's an instrument Nina and I played in elementary school. Nina still rocks at it!) but Jacob didn't get one.....but don't feel sorry for him, Jacob got a very special guitar. He was so stoked! I loved the look on his face when he saw his gift and realized it was for him....priceless! All the kids loved their new presents from Grandpa.

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