Sunday, December 28, 2008

My 30th Birthday

For my birthday I was taken to Brunch by my Hubby, my kids and my Mom. It was nice. After that My Hubby let me go shopping (by was great!) and then we went to Sanger and spent the night at the Lucero Casa. Since my Birthday is so close to Christmas we went ahead and had our Christmas with the Lucero Family that night. Angela got me a cake and we had Chinese food. I was blessed. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me and I don't even look a day over I have been told (hehe!)
Yes, that is a flannel MooMoo, what was I thinking. Now I really feel old.


sarajeancooksey said...

are you kidding me? a flannel moo moo? what? you turned 30, not 80! please burn it. and no I don't care who gave it to you, how much on sale it was, or how comfortable it is. there is no excuse for that!

Brandi said...

Hahahaha! Actually it is Angelas and she said I gave it to her :) Even my kids were laughing at sad is that. I didn't plan on staying the night so I didn't pack any P.J's. I don't plan on ever wearing it again. It's just an emergancy Moo Moo and we will keep it that way...until we are 80 :)Glad your home! Love you!