Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Gingerbread Houses

Not even Daddy could help these houses.

Earlier In December we were asked to make G.B Houses for our church brunch for the Seniors at our church. Since I didn't get any instructions I decided to wing it and we tried to make our houses out of canned frosting and gram crackers. Note to self: that doesn't work! Since I waited till the last min. (like always) I was left with a dysfunctional mess of sticky gram crackers and still no houses. What is one to do you ask.... well, I made a call to Kathy to make sure no one was going to be eating these houses and then we cheated. I got out the hot glue gun...yes, the glue gun. Oh and by the way, Hot glue doesn't stick to frosting or visa versa. After many attempts we finally got our houses to stick together, but they were pretty lame. No one seemed to care and we had fun making them so that is all that matters.
A week later Kathy calls me and asks me if I wanted a "real" gingerbread house kit. She didn't say "real" (I am just kidding about that) but she did offer a G.B house with all the fixens and we had so much fun making it together. It was a great gingerbread house!

A Gingerbread House the kids can be proud of

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