Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Thrift Store Christmas

This year my hubby and I have started becoming a little thrift store crazy. It started in January 2011. For our anniversary my Hubby took me to this little quaint town - Reedley, Ca. We walked down town and visited several little Thrift stores. We had so much fun. When we left Reedley we both decided we loved the feel of the little town, and could see ourselves living there. So when we got home we called our real estate agent and told him to add Reedley to our search. That same week we found a short sale house that we really liked, and 6 months later we moved into that house. Now that we live in Reeldey we visit the thrift stores as often as we can. John looks for books, I look for clothes and house hold stuff. We have found some great stuff.

With Christmas quickly approaching I found myself getting anxious about money, gifts, and how it was all going to work out. I thought it would be fun to do a "Thrift Store Christmas". I just wasn't sure what our family would think. One day my mother in-law and I were talking about Christmas and how things are going to be tight for everyone this year. I hung up the phone, and then quickly called her back and threw out my idea about a Thrift Store Christmas. She loved the idea and said lets do it. I was so excited! Instead of being worried about not having enough money, I am out getting tuns of deals and the best part - having FUN doing it! I was kinda worried that it would be hard to find something for everyone, but so far it has been easy. I can't wait to share with all of you the before and after pictures of the treasures I've found. But you'll have to wait till after Christmas, or else my family will know what they are getting.

How to have a successfully Thrift Store Christmas:

  1. Shop your thrift stores as often as you can.

  2. Have a list of people you want to buy for. Mark off that persons name when you buy them a gift.

  3. Keep a large box (with a lid) to hide your gifts in

  4. Ask when your local thrift store will be having special sales

  5. Buy things you know you can make look new

  6. Frames can always be spray painted, then add a special picture, kids art or scripture

  7. Make sure toys are clean or can be cleaned and have all the right pieces.

  8. Look for neat coffee mugs and put a Starbucks card in it or a small bag of coffee.

  9. Look for DVDs or VHS (make sure the receiver has a VHS still). Then make a movie basket with popcorn, hot coco, and candy in it. Then add a tag saying - Family Movie night!

  10. Shop with friends - just cause it's funner!

  11. Include your kids. If you buy a picture frame, have them make art for it, or have them pick out a special picture.

  12. Look through pinterest for inspiration.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Remember, there is one perfect gift that was given freely to us all. His name is Jesus! May we not loose sight of that this Christmas.

If you have any ideas that might help someone out please leave me a message. Thanks!

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