Friday, November 4, 2011

In Awe

Today I was at CVS doing my coupon shopping. If you know anything about couponing, you know it takes a lot of focus. So, there I am trying my hardest to stay focused w/ my 2 daughters( Kate - 4 and Autumn -2). I know, I know, I am not very bright taking 2 small children with me while I try to stay focused. Who was I kidding? Anywho, I am getting down to the last isle and it's the makeup isle (I barely ever go down that isle, but today I thought I would look, since I had a coupon). As we get to that Isle Autumn starts pulling Kate's hair. Kate is now almost in tears saying "stop it Autumn". I then turn to Autumn and sternly say "No, it isn't nice to pull Sissy's hair, we need to be gentle", which now means her tears start flowing.... and she is ticked at me. I take a deep breath and sigh (cause now I am overwhelmed), then I feel this soft touch on my shoulder and hear this little voice say, "It's ok my dear, just be thankful they are happy and healthy". I turned to look who said this. It was a little old lady, with the kindest smile. So I respond "your right...she's just so ornery". She says "she may be ornery, but you are so blessed to have a child healthy enough to be so spunky". Then she proceeds to tell me for a half hour (which I didn't mind at all) about her twins. Which by the way, Autumn sat through it all without a peep. One of the twins passed away at birth and the other has cerebral palsy. She told me of Gods faithfulness to her and her children. At first I thought I was there just to listen to a little old lady that needed to talk, but as I listened, her words brought so much comfort to my heart. She spoke of being a Christian and how God brought people to her right when she need them. She spoke of heaven, and how He has treasures awaiting for me there. I just stood there with tears in my eyes in disbelief that this was taking place in the make up isle at CVS. I told her that her words of encouragement came at the perfect time, and how grateful I was to have met her. She then hugged me so tight, as if I were a long lost family member. It was amazing. As we said goodbye I noticed that a lady I had talked to earlier about makeup, was on her knees beside us. She had listened to the whole thing. She acted as if she were looking at lotion, but the way she looked at me at that moment said differently. So then i began to think that this may have been for her too. That thought made me so excited. This woman may have just seen the Gospel in action for the 1st time. Who knows! My heart is still overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His perfect timing. To see for just a glimpse the crazy amount of love He has for me, and how He cared that I was feeling overwhelmed. That he met me where I was at, at that very moment. Oh how he loves me...a wretch like me. It's truly mind boggling! Wow! So in awe.
May you know His amazing love for you today. If you don't know of His love, Ask Him to show you. He will.

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Susan @ Living with Punks said...

Wow Brandi! That's awesome ...what a blessing to be given such a gift....and that you were able to receive it. <3