Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waiting on the Lord!

First it was rain, then Fit camp was canceled on March 10 (due to health issues our instructor was having). I kept thinking "keep it together" cause I could feel myself getting discouraged and slowly watching my eating habit going back to my old ways. So after two weeks I joined a gym. I have been going to classes and trying to work out on my own as much as possible. I also started to watch what I was eating closely, but it is so hard to get back on track. Fitcamp will be back in a week and I'm sad that I have not lost much weight since then, but as I sat last night and poured my heart out to my dear Hubby he kept reminding me to keep my eyes on Jesus and to continue to look to him for strength on this journey. He kept saying - wait on the Lord. I was like "what does that have to do with this?" but as I was praying this morning I realized - He was right! In my devotion this morning I read this: Have you stopped praying about something cause you've grown tired of waiting on God. I knew right then that I had stopped praying about this journey and just started trying to do it on my own. I mean sure, I can work hard and get results, but I don't ever want to do anything with out the Lord, without His strength. So today I hold on to the scripture that says: But they that renew their strength ; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and faint" Isaiah 40:31 I want to choose to do it His way and not my own. So I will press on, try my hardest and trust Him to answer my prayer - in His timing!
Lord, help me to trust you with my weight. Help me to make better choices, and please help me to always take everything in my life to you in prayer. Amen!

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