Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal 2...accomplished!

For the last week my pants have been filling pretty loose, but I wasn't convinced yet that I was down a size. Then I begin to get a little more confident after my last work out. I had to change my work out pants 2x's because both pairs were too lose. They were literally falling off me when I was working out (Oh my!). So today I decided to try on a pair of pants that were a size smaller ....They fit!!! and I didn't have to wrestle with them to get them on....LOVE IT!!!! Goal 2 - ACCOMPLISHED!

This week I had to work out on my own (do to the rain). I realized I am not nearly as motivated on my own, but I made myself get up and grove (yay for Turbo Jam!). That is why I was surprised that my pants were so loose. I am really looking forward to getting back to FC! I just know next week will be even better. Turbo Jam is cool, but FC Rocks!!

Next goal....???... not sure yet. When I decide I will post it. Please continue to pray for me. There are many days when I just want to give up, but I know that isn't Gods best for me, so I press on!


Shea said...

You are rocking! I give you 6 weeks and you will be down size #2! So proud of you B.

Rosie4god said...

Dear Brandi,
You have done an awesome job. Keep going and don't look back. You're really on your way.