Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fat Chance and Fit Camp

I just read Julie Haddens book - Fat Chance and it has truly changed my life, my goals, and my walk with the Lord. She has encouraged me in ways that still blow my mind. Her story had me laughing and crying...sometimes at the same time. I laughed cause she's funny and I could so relate to some of her crazy stories, and I cried because I knew her pain all to well. At one point (around Ch. 3) I told John "she's writing my story!" The way she described how she felt as an over weight person, was as if she put into words all the things I feel... but could never find the words to express. Her book inspired me and made me want to lose this weight once and for all. I think what hit me the hardest was the night when I was sitting on my couch, reading this book and John told me I should work out (I opened that door by reading some of the book to him) but my comment was "isn't it enough that I am reading a book about weight loss?" we laughed, but as I sat there it hit me - smack dab in the face - this is my problem! I sit to much and complain about this weight, but yet I do nothing about it (or I try and then give up). Right after that I read a part in the book where Julie says "move more, eat less" (Novel idea, right? Well... easier said than done). After that I began to pray something like this...Lord, please show me how to do me, and please give me the strength to do what ever "this" is. After that prayer a Dear Friend (her name is Shea) kept popping up in my thoughts. Shea and I met back in high school through...well never mind...long story. Anywho, we lost touch but reconnected through Faceboook (got to love FB!). I knew Shea was working out last year, but back when we talked about it, it just seemed like to much work and my "excuse" was it was to far - there was another one of my problem...excuses 9and lots of them) Well, I didn't think it was a coincidence that she kept popping up ever time I read this book or prayed about this, so I got a hold of her and she directed me to FIT CAMP. After that I knew "this" was the "this" I had been praying about. So I talked with John and he said go for it!
So.... the next Fit Camp came... and went. Shea couldn't go (and there was no way I was going alone) so I said "next time" (thinking this would probably never happen), but it came time for the next FC and Shea got a hold of me and said something like - no excuses you better be there, so I went. I was a bit freaked out when I first showed up to Fit Camp and realized I was the biggest girl there, talk about insecure!...but I just knew the Lords hand was in all this directing me just as I asked, so I pressed on.

I am now on week three and still fighting threw the emotional and physical part of all this, but I'm fighting threw it with prayer and determination. The Lord has blessed me with meeting some great Ladies (who don't make me feel uncomfortable at all, even though my head still messes with me sometimes). Lynnette - our skinny mini instructor - has been so patient with me but also pushes me to do better, to do more, and to look ahead. Her and Shae have been great motivators and I love both these girls for being my support team on this long and painful journey.


Lynnette said...

Oh the tears!!!!!! You are telling my story! I love you girl and it is an absolute honor to do this with you. You will succeed. I see it in your eyes, your heart, and your all around attitude. You have already amazed me.

Nina49a said...

SO Proud of you! Seriously more than anything! I know you can do this!