Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Come let us worship and bow down

I have tried and tried to upload pictures from Worship Fest 1, but can't seem to make it happen. So try this.... If your compy is anything like mine (SLOW!!!) than you may have to wait awhile for the slide show to upload.

This event was so amazing! Why? Because souls were saved! It was a night to share "THE GOOD NEWS" to many hurting and lost people. It was a night to worship the one true King...King Jesus! And it didn't stop there, many of the men that gave their hearts to Jesus joined us for church this past Thursday. I (along with many others) were so excited to see our new brothers come to learn more about Jesus. Please continue to pray for the lost and hurting people in Sanger.... and in your community also. May we not waste time, for the hour is drawing near!

Worship Fest 2 is coming!! Save Sept 26th to come worship the Lord with us. Bring you friends and family...all of them!! For more info. check out -

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