Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Niece Serenity Rose turned 3!

3 years ago many of you got on your knees with us and prayed for this precious Itty Bitty gift from God (as she came into this world and many days following). Serenity Rose was born way to early and the odds were stacked up against her....BUT GOD.... in His Mercy, had other plans for her precious little life. Serenity Rose was born on Sunday July 9th 2006 at 8:22pm. Her due date was supposed to be Sept 26th, but Sara went into labor due to some complications with her pregnancy. Serenity weighed 2lbs 15oz. She lived the first 5 weeks of her life at Valley Children's Hospital. She was such a Champ! Those days were rough on all of us, especially Sara and Frank (Serenity's parents). As weeks and months went by Serenity became healthier with each passing day. Through her toddler years you would have never guessed that this child was ever a preemie.She was chunky and healthy just like other children her age. She continued to be that way until a few months ago when she was diagnosed with Diabetes. Thankfully modern medicine has made living with diabetes much easier these days. She is such a good girl when her Mommy or Daddy tell her it's time to check her blood and get a shot. She even tells them where she wants the shot. She is still such a Champ! My kids think she is so brave for not crying when she gets her shots. She is certainly an amazing little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you Jesus for Miss Serenity's precious little life! And thank you to all those who prayed for her and our family 3 years ago.

Happy Birthday Serenity Rose! We love you!!!


Abraham and Danielle said...

What a cute and brave little girl!!! Danielle

Nina49a said...

I can't believe its been so long already! She is so stinkin gorgeous!