Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st Camping trip together

Their 1st Camping Experience. They loved it! Pro's -

* Camping together as a family for the 1st time * Spending time with Papa & Nana

* learning to roast the perfect Marshmallow
* Smores!!!!
* Roasting hot dogs on a stick

* Papa teaching the kids how to skip a rock
* Tether ball* climbing big rocks (the kids did)* getting to wear sweatshirts again

* Crisp Mountain air
* Cabins with Toilets!!!!!

Con's -
* Not bringing sleeping bags (I brought little blankets instead. Won't do that again!)

* Having the "borrowed" mattress pop before ever getting to lay on it :(

* sleeping on a metal bunk bed with a tiny mattress pad...
with Jacob on the top bunk. Never again..NEVER!!

* John having to sleep on the floor on a flimsy cushion (but at least there was a cushion)

* The drive (blorch!)
**Conclusion = WAY WORTH IT!
Gonna do it again real soon.
This time on the beach...
in tents...
with sleeping bags!!!!


Abraham and Danielle said...

I Love Camping!!! Where did you go? It looks like you had a great time!!!Love, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Beach camping....much better and no bears (well, depending on where you stay that is)
love, mom