Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Wife Prays

I keep this book called "A Wife prays" near by to remind me to pray for my Dear Hubby. When I read this one I felt the Lord wanted me to share this.

Dearest Lord Jesus, day after day
I see my Husband head for work,
and often I know,
by his expressionless face,
that that's the last place he cares to be.
And many's the night that he comes home,
scars of frustration clearly visible.

I know dear Savior, that, to some extent,
he's doing it for me -
to provide a comfortable home
and a measure of security
for the days to come.
I wish I could relieve him of his daily pressures.
I cannot bear his burden,
but I can keep it from being unbearable.

Teach me, Lord, to do my part in helping him
by sharing joyfully and enthusiastically
with him the things we have
rather than dolefully deploring
the things we do not have.
Help me to live contentedly within our income,
so that my spending and his earning
are not competing with each other
making him feel he must constantly drive himself.
Show us both that we do not need a lot
to find true happiness-
as long as we have each other
and as long as we have You.

Though you were rich, Lord Jesus,
yet for our sakes You became poor
that we, through You, might be rich.
Now show us, Lord, how rich we really are.
The highest position
is reigning with You forever.
The peak of wealth
is the crown of eternal glory.
The greatest "in"
is to be acclaimed Your very own.
All this we already have through You.
We also have each other.
Now give us also peace and contentment
that it may truly underlie our daily life
and help us determine our goals and paths.
By:Roy G. Gesch