Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been shopping for a camera for months now. My Sweet Hubby, My Mother in-law and My Grandma D all pitched to give me money for a camera. My only problem is there are so many to choose from. I am horrible at making big decisions. You should see me at a restaurant trying to order takes forever!... and that is just dinner. So if anyone has any tips on buying a good camera for under $150.00 dollars that would be awesome!

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Brandi said...

I finally found the one I wanted but it was out of my price range. After much prayer and thought I decided on the cheaper version of the camera I wanted. It was close enough. When John took me to buy it, he took me to the wrong Walmart. I am a major brat so I was kinda upset that he took me to the Clovis Walmart and not the Sanger one. But I went in anyways to look since I was there already. When I got to the camera counter they were out of almost every camera. I was so bummed, but in my head I was grumbling - cause it was all Johns fault for taking me to the WRONG Walmart! How dare he! I told you I was a brat! Anyway, before we left I went to the cashier and asked her if they had any cameras in the back or on clearance. She said "ya we have one that I just marked down". When she brought it out it was the camera I wanted, but couldn't afford. Not only that, it was in the budget we had set :) Of coarse I was thrilled, but I felt horrible that I was such stinker in my heart. God is so good. He blessed me even when I was a big ol brat. What a loving Father. Thank you Jesus for such a patient and forgiving Husband and for my new camera! Oh and thank you RC for helping me find the right camera and for putting up with all my calls :) Your rock!