Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Baby is 5

Today our Son Trenton turned 5. It doesn't seem possible, but it's true. We started a tradition a few years ago that the Birthday Boy or Girl gets to pick whatever they want for their Birthday dinner. Trenton choose Pancakes, eggs and Bacon.
This afternoon I took Trenton with me so he can help me shop for his special meal. I think he had great time picking out his own food without any ones opinions - it was all up to him. Thankfully this only happens once a year :)
Papa and Nana got Trenton a scooter for his Birthday. The only problem was the scooter was pink. Of Coarse Papa fixed that right away and replaced the pink scooter with a black scooter. Trenton was tickled pink (hahahah!)


sarajeancooksey said...

awesome scooter Trent! great choice for dinner too, it was YUMMY!!!!

Nina49a said...

Happy Birfday! Wish we could be there. Nevaeh is looking fwd to riding that scooter!

Anonymous said...

So I just read all of your blog (to catch up since my last reading). I am thrilled that you all are "home" now and are enjoying your family once again. I have to admit, though, that as I approach the end of the blog posts my eyes were filled with tears. I miss ya, Girly!! I'm so glad God crossed our paths, even for your short stay here in MO. We will keep in touch, I know.
Lots of luv,