Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making an appointment

My Sister Sara and her Hubby Jason are CRAZY BUSY! They both work full time (Jason works like 900 jobs wich equals fulltime work :), Jason also stays busy as Youth Pastor of CCF (Sara helps when she can), and now they are both back in collage. That makes for a very tight schedule and little time for anything or anyone else. This can causes John and I to cry at times...well.... not really but we do miss them. Anyway, instead of complaining about the situation I realized that we need to make an effort to spend time with them. The door swings both ways ya know. So I made an appointment with my Sister for lunch. John has Thursdays off so we made the appointment for this Thursday - lunch at the park. I packed us all lunches, the kids grabbed their scouters, John grabbed the blanket and off we went to meet Uncle Jason & Aunt Sara at the park. We had a great time! Around 1ish Mom drove by and joined us. We all enjoyed a great lunch, beautiful weather, a game of Duck Duck goose and the best fellowship anyone could ask for. I'm glad I made that appointment instead of just complaining about not seeing them.

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sarajeancooksey said...

We had so much fun! and lunch was YUMMY!!!! things should hopefully slow down with school here (once I get caught up) and we can hang out more!
thanks for the lunch invite, and you didn't tell me that picture was going online :)