Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fabulous February!!

I called this Fabulous February, cause it was just that...Fabulous! The last 2 weeks were a blast. We made some great memorise with our kids, and that makes me so happy.
One weekend we went to Playland - Kate calls it Disneyland. Trenton said it was the "best day ever!" I agree with Trenton. We rode the train, boats, rides and went to Stroyland. Thank you Groupon!
The next weekend we to the snow up at Grant Grove. That was so much fun! Almost all the kids LOVED the snow. Katie Bug was not a fan. Poor thing nearly froze. Next time I will bundle her up better, and I know she will love it. We didn't expect snow up there, but were pleasantly surprised. Snowball fight and all!

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