Friday, June 19, 2009

Bath time may soon be extinct at my house

Last night we had the privilege of having some friends over for dinner. After they left, I cleaned my kitchen, made lunch for my Hubby and went to get ready for I thought. I went to brush my teeth, only to find that my bathroom was a mess from Trenton's bath. Jacob "helped" me out by bathing Trenton earlier that day. Now normally this scene would send me into my CraZy MaMa fit, but not this time. As I sat there and sighed the Lord so graciously drew my attention to the bathtub. As I looked down I saw this little action figure hanging from the tub spout. The sight of that made me laugh out loud. I could see that my baby boy enjoyed his bath time. I was no longer overwhelmed with the fact that I still had some more cleaning to do before bed, I was happy to clean up after him (this time). I realized then that my two oldest now take showers, and are pretty independent. Bath time may soon be extinct at my house. I just wished that I took more time to watch each of them enjoy playing in the bath, instead of worrying about how clean my bathroom or house was. Time is short, why do I waste so much of it fretting over my house or other unimportant things.
Lord, help me live my life like a child, where I enjoy the simple pleasures in bath time :) Help me to see things threw your eyes (as you see them) and enjoy these special days as my children grow. Amen!

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sarajeancooksey said...

aw how precious! I have to tell you at first when I read the headline I thought you were eliminating bathing from your home completely :)