Friday, March 6, 2009

Moving stinks!

Ok, now most of you have probably moved a few times in your life, but I bet I have you beat. My Hubby and I have moved 10 times in our 11 year marriage. I know... that is crazy, right? Each time we move I tell myself I am going to get organized, and each time I move I end up throwing things in boxes at the last min. which makes unpacking a nightmare (one that seems to keep reoccurring). I also tell myself that I won't move again for a loooong time, but here we are again, move number 10! Sad thing is I don't think this will be it for us. We have moved into this Town House/Condo because it fit our budget for the time being but our goal is to save money and buy a house next year (God willing). Maybe I should just stay packed - yeah right! So my plan for this year is to declutter and get organized, hopefully making packing & unpacking easier next time.
Tune in for move 11 sometime next year...ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!.... or maybe not.

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