Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nerf War

This Monday Night was Trenton's turn to go hang out with Daddy (just the two of them). We call it date night. John took Trenton to McDonald's then they went out shopping. Trenton had some money left over from his birthday so Daddy took him shopping. He knew exactly what he wanted...a Nerf Gun (like his big Brother Jacob has). He also got some bullets that fit into another Nerf Gun we had so needless to say - Nerf War was so on at our house! As soon as the boys got their guns all geared up John and Papa turned into big kids. The boys (that includes Papa and John) had so much fun shooting each other. Boys are so weird! It was great to hear them all laughing together. Those are priceless memories I know the boys will hold on to forever. I think we all will.