Tuesday, January 27, 2009

disappointment into laughter

John and I were blessed to get away this weekend. We went to Hanford and stayed at the Irwin Street Inn. It's an old Victorian home that was converted into an a bed and breakfast. We stayed there on our honeymoon 11 years ago and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, the 11 wasn't what it used to be. I guess 11 years since our visit had it's wear and tear on the place. The 1st room we got was not up to my expectations (cause I'm a brat! I see that now) so we changed rooms, and the second room had what I wanted but ended up being a nightmare (long story, but I felt horrible), But I learned a good lesson on this trip - "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" (That's a famous saying of my Mothers). I also learned that my hubby has so much patience (he is married to me...he has had a lot of practice). The Inn disappointed me and bummed me out at 1st (yucky attitude, I know) but John had such a great attitude about it all and made our trip wonderful! We ended up having the best time together. This trip showed me that material things don't make us happy, only God does. He took my disappointment and turned it into laughter (we laughed about it all weekend long). What an awesome God we serve!

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Nina49a said...

Wow 11 yrs took its toll on the place huh? Or maybe it was always like that but you were on a honeymoon high last time. We would have traded rooms like 8 times and then got our money back. So considering...you handled it well.